Aerospace Service

2022/11/25 10:43

We translate the future of aerospace

Space exploration is a fascinating field that draws on the complete spectrum of scientific specialties and encourages collaboration between the major industrial nations of the world. 

The difficulties facing the sector, which touch all of humanity, include building spacecraft for safer space travel and researching the evolution of the earth to better understand weather events. 

Since more than 30 years ago, we have contributed to this space adventure by translating material for the web, press, television, and technical audiences.


We make certain that each step of the procedure, which is completely linked into the ibt translation management system, can be tracked at all times. 

With years of industry experience and the know-how to successfully handle crucial project aspects, we allocate projects to devoted Project Managers.

1669599892663862.png What we translate

  • Technical documentation

Technical guides, data sheets, e-learning courses, design requirements, and patents.

  • Sales and Marketing

Websites, speeches, commercials, transcripts of audio, newsletters, press releases, and articles. 

  • Corporate and legal paperwork

1669600120478963.pngWhy you choose us

Regulatory and customer-based criteria and checklists are used to evaluate the quality of our translations and services. To achieve high quality and consistency, we coordinate and assist our devoted teams in using the best terminology management and translation tools with:

  • a miminum of five years of professional experience

  • knowledge of artificial intelligence, energy efficiency, climate change, and other global challenges that is constantly updated

  • resourcefulness and imagination in the translation of marketing materials

You choose us for your promising business future!