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Our translators expertise in certification of personal information with 10+years certification experience.

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Our translators possess strong type-setting capability and can handle all kinds of formats of documentation.

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Certified translations are used for formal purposes where the recipient needs confirmation to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the translation. For submission to colleges, courts, and several municipal, state, and federal governments, this kind of translation is frequently necessary. To fully satisfy the criteria, the translation must be an exact (word-for-word) translation of all visible text. Translators are unable to alter the content, add new text, or explain its meaning. This criterion usually doesn't make a difference for important documents like birth certificates, but it surely does for other kinds of documents that contain whole sentences with greater subtlety. For the receiver to feel certain that the translation accurately conveys the original source information, this need is crucial. 


To meet the accurate criteria, the translation certification must attest to the fact that the translation was done by a certified translator who is fluent in the target language pair. All members of our staff are qualified human translators, and we exclusively use them. On the certification, an authorised signer attests to this reality. Additionally, we offer no-cost revisions to make sure the final translation is entirely accurate.

To ensure acceptance by the broadest number of receivers, we take extra precautions when putting together your translation packet. All certified translations come with our contact information, along with order and page numbers on company letterhead. Our certification further states that the translator has no personal or other connection to the document's owner. If necessary, we may have the certification notarized to confirm the signer's identity and give you the original copies with wet ink signatures.

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