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Multimedia Services

A crucial component of any marketing plan is multimedia content. The only way to provide a completely pleasant user experience, however, is through efficient multilingual localization. The most popular digital format today is video, and in the future, its online presence is expected to grow much more.

Audio and Video Localization

Videos, presentations, movies, webinars, interviews, podcasts, eLearning materials, audiobooks, infomercials, and other multi-media advertising spots for businesses, promotions, training, or entertainment.

Subtitles and Video Editing

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Due to the increased use of digital entertainment platforms, the availability of silent films on many social media platforms, and the fact that subtitles are a reliable but less expensive voiceover substitute, the subtitling industry has recently experienced tremendous growth.

Subtitle localization entails much more than just translation. Translations must adhere to strict guidelines and accurately present all pertinent information while being brief enough for readers to understand.

Because of this, we subject each project to a set of checks for quality that are unique to this format.

To create a fully polished, distribution-ready output, we synchronize the subtitles with the audio at the end of the process. 

In audiovisual communication, the textual component is as significant and requires expert technical skills to manage the various formats.

Any text or visuals in your video can be created, modified, or replaced by our expert video editors, who will then provide you a finished output that is ready for use.

The types of localization we cover:

☝Audio recordings


☝Marketing pieces of all types


☝Games and cartoons

☝IVR scripts

☝Captivate interactive learning applications


The apps and application we work with:

☝Graphics tools such as Photoshop,FreeHand, CoreIDraw,lllustrator,AutoCAD,and Fireworks;

☝lnteractive learning tools such as Authorware;

☝Web,Help,and Animation tools such as Dreamweaver, Flash,Director,LiveMotion,Carrara,and AfterEffects;

☝Video formats such as a vi,mpg,wmv,etc;

☝Simulation tools such as Captivate;

☝Audio formats such as mp3,wma,ra.


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