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The company has many senior translators in the field of electric power with many years of translation experience. With more than 10 years experience, our project leaders can reasonably and effectively allocate translation resources to ensure the smooth project.

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Electric power translation is the translation of the electric power industry. It is a translation service provided for the electric power industry, mainly including the translation of electric power equipment and technical data, and the translation of electric power engineering projects. demand is also increasing.

The field of electric power translation mainly involves translation of electric power engineering, translation of electric power technical documents, translation of electric power bidding documents, translation of electric power investment contracts, translation of power grid engineering design plans, translation of power station construction engineering contracts, translation of nuclear power technology contracts, translation of electric power industry standards, and electric equipment manuals Translation, translation of electric power academic papers. The translation process may involve power generation, power supply, substation, wiring, dispatching, distribution, thermal power, wind power, nuclear power, arc, generator, transformer, busbar, ground wire, tool spare board, low-voltage switch, low-voltage switch Spare plate, copper-aluminum equipment wire clamp, well-type changing gear, flat steel, drop hanger, right-angle hanging plate, ball head hanging ring, single-joint wrist head, cable hoop, parallel groove cable clamp, cable tray, galvanized iron The translation of related technical terms such as silk.

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