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Software localization is the process of adjusting a software product's features, user interface (UI), online support, and documentation to the unique cultural customs and preferences of the target market. Software localization services' scope includes software resources translation and typesetting, user interface localization, user interface redesign and adjustment, localization of online help systems, function enhancement and adjustment, function testing and translation testing, translation automation and product localization management, program text localization, localization of medical software, localization of mechanical and electronic software, configuration software localization, localization of games, and localization of mobile phone software.

1669603877244085.png Process

1. Localized development (completed by the customer): the customer needs to provide the software code in the source language;

2. Localization translation: software translation and proofreading by translators with professional backgrounds;

3. localization testing:  localization version compilation, localization version testing and defect repair;

(1) Write test plans and test cases;

(2) Check whether the translation is appropriate and whether it conforms to the habits of local people;

(3) Check whether the translation affects the habits of local people;

(4) Check whether all kinds of icon conform to the habits of local people;

(5) Check other contents of localization testing.

4. Generate a test report and analyze the error types;

5. If it is a localized version error, it will be repaired; if it is a translation error, it will be submitted to the translator for modification; if it is a source language version, it will be submitted to the customer for modification;

6. Regression testing, if any errors are found, repeat the previous step to fix various localization errors, otherwise, directly submit them to the customer;

7.  Localization development is completed.

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