E-learning Localization

E-learning localization is more difficult than it first appears. It takes numerous experts to guarantee the same learning experience across languages. Our service includes all phases of e-learning localization, from creating scripts and templates that take into account variations in word and sentence lengths to hiring voice actors from all over the world for professional voice-overs.

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Elearning localization refers to modifying material for certain audiences and geographic locations. Language is just the beginning, but it goes much beyond and even includes the switching of visuals! As an illustration, if your Shanghai employees need eLearning in Chinese, you might also want the training to be personalized with images of their workplace and content tailored to local laws, etc.

Elearning is an essential component of every organization's training and talent-development strategy; because to its convenience, it is the preferred and most successful way, especially for multinational corporations with staff dispersed across offices and regions. There are numerous factors to consider when customizing digital courses for different cultures. But don't worry, we can make them available to everyone!


  • You can decide whether to use a learning management system (LMS) or a custom solution, regardless of the technology or format.

  • Whether you need voiceovers, presentations, training modules, voiceovers, AR/VR, or other complex technology, we've got you covered.

  • Our global network of creative experts and partners may collaborate directly with your team to develop motivational, cross-cultural training materials.

Focused on creating online courses for global audiences, we have collaborated with numerous businesses and are familiar with the particular needs and difficulties associated with developing, delivering, and integrating global training programs. IBF are capable of handling the development of sales, technical, or product online training materials. both on time and within budget.

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