Our Electronics Services

2022/11/24 11:31

We translate the future of electronics

1669259905779121.png What We Translate

Ⅰ Sales and Marketing Communication 

  • websites

  • catalogs

  • press campaigns

  • presentations

  • promotional videos

  • audio transcripts

  • newsletters

  • company magazines

  • brochures

  • sales training courses (eLearning)

Ⅱ Financial Documents

Sustainability and financial reports, financial statements, RFAs, audits, tax documents, insurance policies, business plans. 

Corporate communication: 

corporate websites, internal portals, board of directors meeting minutes, resolutions, circulars, regulatory documents, codes of ethics, codes of conduct, internal communications and procedures.

Ⅲ Legal Documents

Association articles, business register records, contracts, non-disclosure agreements, general conditions of purchase, warranties, licensing agreements, certifications, regulations, court judgements, GDPR documents and tender specifications.

Ⅳ Technical Documents

User, installer and maintenance manuals, diagnostic and part catalogs, technical data sheets and bulletins, eLearning courses for technical sales training, design specifications and patents.


1670383566817766.png Other Industries We Also Offer

  • Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and chuchotage (whispered) interpretation, in all languages, either in person or remotely. For all events, whether conferences, meetings, workshops or press conferences.

  • Creation of E-learning modules for your sales network.

  • Authoring technical manuals and training materials for your technical support network.

  • Controlled technical language solutions to improve quality, optimize the reuse of content, shorten turnaround times and cut costs, in both the original and target languages.