Life Sciences

2022/11/24 12:34

You save for lifes, we serve for you

IBF are fully aware of the complex environment in which you work, which is why our technology and service solutions are made to adhere to local and cultural norms as well as industry standards for validation, regulation, and compliance. 

We collaborate with organizations in the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research sectors to deliver the highest level of language and content services, unparalleled expertise, and market knowledge that saves lives.

Long-standing expertise in life science

IBF can offer content and language solutions to the life sciences sector, and we are cognizant of the high standards required by that sector. We serve for the following content or documents:

  • Patient-facing materials 

  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) 

  • Drug safety and pharmacovigilance documents  

  • Clinical trial protocols  

  • Packaging and labeling 

  • Regulatory submission documents 

  • Instructions for Use 

  • Technical manuals 

  • Medical literature / SCI thesis

  • Instruction and installation manuals for medical devices 

  • Marketing and advertising  

  • Websites, software, mobile apps and IoT 

  • Elearning and training 

  • Legal, financial documents 

For pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms

Regulatory compliance, quality, integrity, traceability, and patient safety are crucial considerations in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries when expanding your business into overseas markets. At every stage of the product lifecycle, from pre-clinical to post-market, IBF can meet all of your linguistic requirements.

Clinical Research

Clinical trials are subject to strict regulations and produce a large number of documents, including clinical outcome assessments (COAs), patient reported outcomes (PROs), clinician reported outcomes (ClinROs), and observer reported outcomes (ObsROs), which call for a complex translation and linguistic validation workflow.

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